BuddySim's Refund Policy

If something doesn't work after purchasing your BuddySIM eSIM card, you can rest assured ♥️ If you have any problems, you have up to 14 days to request a refund.

At BuddySIM, we do everything we can to provide our customers with a positive shopping experience and to ensure the best Internet connection. However, we understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel a purchase or a product. We're also aware that connectivity issues, although rare, can occasionally occur. As a result, we have flexible refund policies.

Here are the details:

Full refund
If you cancel your order, we'll refund you the full amount you've paid and won't charge any processing fees Assuming: ⚠️ The eSIM was purchased via the BuddySim website. The eSIM was not activated and no data was consumed. When the eSIM card has been activated or used, we will review your application separately to find the best solution. The refund must be requested within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Refund for blocked or incompatible devices
If your device is not compatible with the eSIM card or cannot be connected for any other reason, we will refund you the amount provided that: ⚠️ The card was not scanned, and no data was consumed. The refund must be requested within 14 days from the date of purchase. We need a screenshot with all necessary details to verify the incompatibility or blocking (by email to [email protected]).
Da bei der Transaktion Kosten für uns entstehen erlauben wir uns eine Bearbeitungsgebühr in Höhe von 15% des Kaufbetrages bei einer Erstattung für nicht kompatible Geräte zu erheben. Prüfe deshalb bitte immer im Vorfeld ob dein Smartphone eSIM-fähig ist um unnötige Kosten für beide Seiten zu vermeiden.

How to request a refund
Our refund process is simple to give you as little hassle as possible. Just contact our support team at [email protected] and provide all required information. Once your request is approved, the amount will be refunded to the same account that was used for the order, which usually takes 5-10 working days.

Refund methods
The refund will be made using the same payment method that you used for the order, unless another method has been agreed upon. Don't worry if the original payment method is no longer available. We'll find an alternative solution!

Connectivity issues with your eSIM
If your eSIM card isn't working due to issues with BuddySIM or the ISP, we'll issue you a full or partial refund. Please note: Before requesting a refund: contact our support team at [email protected] or use our WhatsApp chat to report the connection issue. Please contact us as soon as there is a problem with your eSIM card. If you contact us after completing your trip and your eSIM has already expired, we can't guarantee a refund.

Request a refund & amount
Please send us all required information and relevant screenshots to help us identify the issue. We are available 24/7 and will normally get back to you within a few minutes. Please note that refunds are based on the exact amount you paid. For example, if you used a discount code when ordering your eSIM card, the refund will be based on the amount actually paid and not the list price. We also won't refund any additional costs that aren't directly related to the product and any amounts that exceed the amount you paid.